Social Project Management Vision Growing at #IBMConnect

Here at #IBMConnect 2016, the vision for social project management is growing. Companies who have made investments in enterprise social platforms see that their key value generating activities – namely projects – need to be integrated with that platform. Disconnected Microsoft Project Server environments create silos of collaboration, silos of connection, silos of activity.

ProjExec changes this – instead of silos, projects are integrated into the social fabric of the organization. Key resources for projects can be identified seamlessly, project documentation is version controlled, and can be directly associated with project tasks, issues, and changes. Simply, project management becomes part of the ocean of social interaction within the organization, instead of a land of 10,000 lakes (sorry Minnesota, you know we love you 🙂 ).


Catch the vision for Social Project Management that Trilog Group has been promoting for more than a decade. Technology and platforms have now caught up with the vision, and companies are reaping the benefits. Yours can too.

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