Comprehensive services to improve productivity and execution with ProjExec

Trilog Group provides a range of consulting and educational services to help you make the most of its Social Project Management solution and increase project productivity across your organization. We share our expertise through a full range of ProjExec services:

  • “Jump Start” implementation
  • Consulting services
  • Education and training
  • Maintenance and support

ProjExec “Jump Start” implementation services

Shorten the time it takes to get your ProjExec implementation up and running. Take advantage of Trilog’s “Jump Start” services to rapidly deploy ProjExec at your site and configure it to meet your business requirements. Trilog will work with your ProjExec administrator and key project managers to install the solution and “jump start” your first project using ProjExec.

ProjExec consulting services

Experienced Trilog consultants and analysts will work with your team to determine your unique project management needs and tailor your implementation of ProjExec to better meet your business and organizational models. Trilog can also supply more in-depth customization services to add or extend ProjExec modules as your needs dictate.

ProjExec education and training

Trilog offers both end-user and administration courses. Students will understand how to leverage the solution’s social collaboration capabilities and strong project management foundation to optimize project excecution efficiency. Course material covers the execution requirements of all project processes and phases, from initiation to completion.

ProjExec maintenance and support

ProjExec customers who are current on their maintenance also get access to ProjExec support. The ProjExec support area on this site allows you to:

  • Request and receive technical support for ProjExec
  • Initiate and participate in community discussion forums covering topics such as “how to” exploit the collaborative power of ProjExec
  • Download the latest ProjExec maintenance releases