ProjExec 6.5 ships – Social Gantt no longer requires Java!

ProjExec 6.5 is now officially out (both on-premises and the cloud) marking the debut of the pure HTML version of the popular ProjExec Social Gantt that previously required the Java plug-in to run. While this capability was initially in plan for ProjExec 7, customers who have been using Google Chrome as their browser could not longer access the Social Gantt due to Google deciding to remove support the Java NPAPI plug-in last year. Rather than having customers wait for ProjExec 7, we decided to fast track the “Java-less” HTML Gantt by shipping this interim ProjExec 6.5 release.

One of the frequently asked questions is how the new ProjExec HTML Gantt compares to the ProjExec Java Gantt. In ProjExec 6.5, we made sure to maintain feature and UI parity with two exceptions:

– Printing an HTML Web Page directly from a browser does not provide the kind of printout control that you have in the Java version.

– Performance of HTML rendering and Javascript-based scheduling cannot be expected to be as fluid as in the Java version, especially for large multi-year projects. Unlike Java, HTML and Javascript are interpreted languages (so intrinsically slower) which means that performance will vary depending on the browser and browser version you are using. The browser with the fastest Javascript interpreter is Google Chrome. With respect to Microsoft Internet Explorer, only IE11 is supported after Microsoft announced end of life for IE8, IE9 and IE 10. However, ProjExec 6.5 now adds support for Microsoft’s latest Edge browser with Windows 10. Of course, the Java version will continue to be useful for those who want a snappy UI desktop-like Gantt experience.

ProjExec is a complete enterprise project management solution for IBM Connections and IBM Connections Cloud. IBM customers who have been historically using Microsoft Project have found ProjExec to be a better alternative to manage projects and project portfolios enterprise-wide. By seamlessly integrating with IBM Connections, ProjExec users can take full advantage of social collaboration features to streamline the delivery process and improve project outcomes.

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