ProjExec Customers Get Things Done – Socially!

Trilog Group’s customers achieve extraordinary results using ProjExec. By extending their investment in IBM Connections, the social fabric of the organization becomes a productivity machine. Creating new value through projects is what growth and growing is all about. Read more to hear how your business can be changed through social project management.

CEMEX – Unparalleled Project Management – at much lower cost

800px-Cemex_Logo.svgCEMEX, an industry leading, Mexican multinational building materials company, was searching
for a way to not only improve collaboration and communication between team members on projects, but also to increase the productivity of these employees and capture certain best practices that could then be used to streamline operations in the future. They were also searching for a way to save on operational costs by devoting less time to activities like tracking the status of items, searching for information, and status meetings.

Read more about how they reached their goal.

Banfi – Resolving Issues through Social Project Management

Located in the Brunello region of TuBanfiscany, Castello Banfi is a family-owned vineyard estate with a dedication to excellence that is second to none. As it continued to expand, Banfi suffered from a major lack of visibility and collaboration among its multiple vineyards. Issues with one directly impacted the capabilities of others, but they had no real way to reconcile these problems even though they were talking about a relatively small geographical area all things considered.

Read about how Banfi manages projects and issues – socially!

Carrefour – Coordinating 380,000 People – Socially

CarrefourCarrefour was facing challenges getting actionable, real-time information to and from all the teams dispersed across the world to keep up with productivity demands. The Carrefour Group was searching for an easy solution that not only provided much-needed support to operational teams, but that would also allow for real-time information to get to managers that could be easily integrated with their existing IT environment.

They found it. Read more!