Welcome to Trilog Group’s support page. We are proud to offer our expertise in ProjExec, social project management and HCL Connections, Microsoft Teams and Google G Suite to our customers and partners for all types of technical issues and problems. We are committed to your success using Trilog’s solutions and services and we make outstanding support our top priority.

ProjExec Support

Follow this link to download the latest updates and fixes for existing ProjExec customers running HCL Connections on premises.

Please contact us at support@triloggroup.com for additional details about our ProjExec maintenance and support program or if you simply need assistance with ProjExec.

We also offer Social Support using ProjExec Live on Microsoft Cloud for designated support contacts. If you are a customer currently on maintenance or an authorized reseller partner, simply email us at support@triloggroup.com requesting access to Social Support.

Social Support enables you to have online conversations with a team of ProjExec experts dedicated to your success.

ProjExec Live Support

Simply send us an email at support@triloggroup.com and we will be happy to assist.

FlowBuilder Support

If you are an existing FlowBuilder customer, please contact support@triloggroup.com for FlowBuilder support services.