Socializing the Project Management Experience

Social media is transforming the way people communicate, share, network and engage with the world at large. With workforces that are more dispersed and more mobile than ever, companies are turning to social software to empower business professionals. Trilog Group is taking the lead in developing transformational technology that enables social style work to manage complex business processes which are often planned and executed as projects. Using social collaboration platforms from major vendors like Microsoft Office 365/Teams, Google GSuite and HCL Connections as the foundation, Trilog Group has introduced next generation, Social Project Management software to help businesses small and large manage complex projects across organizational boundaries.

Trilog Group has long been recognized for its vision and innovation. Trilog was initially the first and only IBM Business Partner to offer an application for IBM Connections (now HCL Connections) that provides true robust project management fully integrated with social awareness and collaboration. IBM has recognized Trilog’s vision via the awarding of numerous IBM honors, and through the acquisition of the Trilog’s innovative XSP programming model, which became what we know today as IBM Domino XPages. It is the future that matters and the future of project management is social. More project management vendors today are promoting their offerings as social project management, but fail to understand that social project management is a core capability of an enterprise social platform and not a standalone solution. Trilog uniquely integrates Social Project Management as a seamless extension of an enterprise social collaboration platform to avoid collaboration silos. Social Project Management is the primary use case for an enterprise social platform. It ensures that the use of the social environment is aligned with business priorities. By bringing all projects, project managers and their communities into the enterprise social platform, Trilog customers are able to multiply their investment in their social platform, experience faster adoption and transform the value of social collaboration into increased operational efficiency and better business outcomes.

Another stark differentior with other vendors is the unique combination of simplicity of use, high productivity and scalability to deliver a truly engaging project experience that scales to the most complex projects. Our world class staff of highly experienced developers and software engineers, led by experienced Project Management Professionals (PMPs) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI), has years of combined application development and project management knowledge. We are defining the next frontier in project management through innovations such as the Project Wall and the Social Gantt.

We will continue to pursue our vision in partnership with Microsoft, Google and HCL (HCL acquired IBM Connections) by strengthening our position as a pioneer and leader in the Social Project Management space.