Trilog Group is the Champagne Sponsor of Social Connections 8 in Boston!

Come to Social Connections 8 in Boston, on April 16th & 17th, 2015 in Boston!

Trilog Group is the Champagne Sponsor of the conference, and will have a booth where we will be presenting ProjExec and Darwino. Alex Homsi, CEO of Trilog Group, and Phillip Riand, CTO of Trilog Group, will be presenting the talk: “Extend the value of IBM Connections with Social Project Management and Social Business Apps”.

In this talk, Alex will help you discover whether you are you deriving all the business value from your IBM Connections investment. While there is certainly value in ad hoc social collaboration and content sharing, organizations should ensure that the use of the social environment is aligned with your business priorities. Alex & Phil will present the business case for extending Connections with Social Business apps and how customers are leveraging its award-winning Social Project Management add-on, ProjExec, to increase operational efficiency. They will then present ProjExec 7 and ProjExec Mobile based on the new Darwino application development platform for IBM Connections that has recently won the App throwdown at IBM ConnectED 2015. They will also talk about how Darwino can be used to extend the value of IBM Connections further with your own custom Social Business apps, targeting web and mobile users.

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