Near Montreal? Like to go to Montreal? You’re invited!

IBM and Trilog Group Seminar on Social Project Management on April 8, 2015 in Montreal Project teams today have enormous pressure to overachieve but face significant obstacles that prevent them from being as efficient as they could be.  Team members constantly change and become more and more virtual across geographical boundaries.  Project requirements often shift […]

IBM Connections: The Market Leading Enterprise Social Platform

The news is out. IDC has announced that IBM Connections is yet again the #1 Social Media Platform, and its advantage is growing. We here at Trilog Group congratulate our partners at IBM for this excellent achievement, and we are proud to be a leading social business application provider for the IBM Connections platform. Read […]

2011 – The Year Social Business Software Crosses the Chasm?

According to Gartner, 2011 social software revenue will approach USD 1 Billion. It seems likely that with companies like IBM Lotus, Trilog Group, Tibco, SocialText and others builing their social portfolios around the concept of syndicated activity streams, 2011 will become the year when social software really makes strides in enterprise adoption. The reality is that […]

Picking an Entry Point into Social Business

At the recent Lotusphere 2011 conference, IBM emphatically promoted its vision for Social Business.  While the conference has been blogged about in many places, we’d like to focus on one particular component of the IBM argument for Social Business, namely that of choosing an entry point into Social Business. Throughout several of the keynote addresses […]

Article on IBM’s strategy on Activity Streams

In a follow up to our post on Ambient Awareness, Forbes has an article on Activity streams, and IBM’s strategy on them.  (Activity streams are the operationalization of Social Business Apps ambient awareness.) The article in Forbes stresses the “surprise” that can occur in Activity Streams (although “serendipitous” seems to be the term most utilized […]

What is a Social Business Application?

We’re hearing a lot about Social Business lately, especially with the emergence of social business platforms like Connections from IBM Lotus.  Social business platforms like Connections provide an enterprise and its partners a “visible” social network in the same manner that consumer social networks like Facebook do.  These social business platforms provide the basic social […]