ProjExec® is about People

Project management has always been about people. However, by combining the social networking paradigm with rigorous project management tools and practices, Social Project Management empowers people to engage in the project management process.

It takes a team of people to make projects work. For the majority, work means accomplishing tasks. Work does not mean sitting in meetings talking about tasks or spending valuable time creating status reports about tasks. If you’re not a project manager, odds are you don’t have time to add extra work to the volume of work you’re already doing.

Social Project Management for Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

ProjExec® is the award winning Social Project Management solution for major social collaboration platforms and cloud such as HCL Connections (formerly IBM Connections), Microsoft Office 365/Teams and Google GSuite. Awarded Best Social Business Solution by IBM in 2011, ProjExec® has a proven track record for making project experiences more social and more successful for enterprise customers large and small.

ProjExec® seamlessly integrates robust project management tools and functionality within major vendor social software and enterprise collaboration suites. This complete solution, powered by enterprise social collaboration platform – delivers a truly social project experience without sacrificing essential project management practices and rigor. ProjExec® is today’s most effective way to empower employees, lower costs and enable social style work in a business process context to deliver the true business value of Social Project Management.

  • Project management for everyone – increase employee, partner, customer and stakeholder participation and engagement in the project; build important social relationships between project team members and project stakeholders to simplify and improve access to project expertise and knowledge
  • Engaging user experience – experience Facebook-like ease of use for the project environment without sacrificing the robustness of enterprise project management solutions using the innovative Project Wall – an informal social forum for project teams
  • Save time and money – significantly reduce project coordination and administration and lower project operational costs with a solution that packages the power of Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server within a solution that is far more affordable and cost effective; run within existing enterprise architecture and IT environment
  • Centralize and simplify – make all project communication readily accessible in real time or anytime across the social network with interactive micro-blogging for quick and easy updates that make status reporting intuitive and effortless
  • Improve productivity – bring the social project experience to the place where people work today in the enterprise social collaboration environment fully integrated with email, calendars, mobile devices and the tools people already use to accomplish work
  • Increase visibility – put project activities and related information within easy reach to enable organizations to KNOW what people DO and how successfully they are doing it
  • Improve communication and customer satisfaction – enable important connections that are instrumental to project success, increase discovery and awareness, reduce lag time between tasks, enhance stakeholder feedback and interaction

ProjExec® Editions

ProjExec® is available in two editions, featuring a modular architecture and supported on a variety of platforms to meet the needs of any size and type of business.

    • ProjExec Express – essential scheduling, tracking and project management tools and a project wall seamlessly integrated with your choice of HCL Connections (On-Premises) or Microsoft Teams or Google GSuite on the cloud. Complete with socially-enabled visual drag and drop Gantt charts, cross-project/multiple project support with alerts, dashboard, portfolios and more.
    • ProjExec Enterprise – complete professional social project management and collaboration available on premise for the HCL Connections platform (formerly IBM Connections). All the features of the Express edition plus five modules adding powerful project management functionality.
      • Issue Management
      • Change Management
      • Time Management
      • Configurable Reporting
      • Financial Management

Enterprise modules can be purchased separately as add-ons to ProjExec Express. Both Express and enterprise editions are available for our two offerings.

* ProjExec for Connections integrates HCL Connections 5.0 CR3+ up to the latest Connections 6.5 release.

Social and Robust

The list of social project management features in ProjExec is everything you would expect in a robust, professional project life cycle management solution. ProjExec augments the project management discipline with social software, integrating powerful project management tools, processes and business processes with intuitive and easy to use social and collaborative features. Project management functionality is not compromised; it is enhanced with powerful social software that engages everyone in the project management process.

While ProjExec works with other planning tools (upload/download to publish and collaborate on plans from Microsoft Project, Primavera and more), all the advanced project management tools needed are self-contained in ProjExec. ProjExec is the only tool required for complete social project management. Learn more

Supported Operating Systems

ProjExec Enterprise runs on the following operating systems (64-bit only):

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012+
  • RedHat and SUSE Linux

When deploying ProjExec on IBM middleware platforms, ProjExec is strictly supported on IBM-supported operating systems and version levels.

Supported Database Middleware

ProjExec runs with any of the following relational databases:

  • IBM DB2 9.7+
  • Oracle 11g+
  • SQL Server 2014+